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Unleash your withholding tax business case

Zürich, Feb 2021

Offering a comprehensive withholding tax service is increasingly demanded by clients and is thus becoming a standard component in the service landscape of the financial industry. Clients are becoming more and more price-sensitive and do not accept distribution losses of up to 35% of earnings. Modern banks want to offer their customers a service and are looking for appropriate FinTech solutions.

With the reclaimer® it is possible to have a profitable business and creating a WIN-WIN situation for the bank and the customer. The reclaimer® enables financial service providers to provide a very comprehensive service efficiently and at very attractive prices. Mostly a lot of potential is left unused and resulting in a loss for the customer, due to high service fees. With the right software solution, this service can be offered at very low prices and as a result many more customers can benefit from the service and in the end there is more profit for all parties.

An essential issue is the question for the potential of all customers, in order to have a basis for deciding in which level such a service could be offered. Mostly there is more potential in the transactions of the customers, especially if a system-based process is used, which can be made easier and faster than it looks like.

We offer every interested parties a free potential analysis, which enables to gain a fundamental insight and to make the right further steps. Our approach is a practicable collection of your anonymised transaction data, which we analyse and prepare for you.

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