Withholding tax reclaim software for banks

reclaimer® enables banks and service providers to efficiently manage withholding tax reclaims and reliefs for their customers and themselves on an end-to-end basis

Business insights

Built and continously updated with our clients, for our clients

Logic embedded

Reclaim logic and reclaim forms are embedded in the application and permanently monitored


Easily customizable to your specific needs and circumstances

Industry approved

Successfully used by many leading banks and service providers

In a nutshell

Efficiently manage your entire withholding tax process

User-friendly web-application

reclaimer® is a user-friendly web-application. It manages and optimises the entire process for withholding tax relief at source and reclaim: from data import and validation, to data enrichment, reclaim/relief calculation, document production, and cash allocation.

Cutting-edge technology, applied

The reclaimer® is a web application based on a Java/Kotlin backend and an Angular frontend. The frontend uses latest technologies provided by Angular like Typescript, RxJS (reactive programming), and Angular Material. The backend provides a REST API implemented with Dropwizard and an API library generated with Swagger. Furthermore, we are using Hibernate for the persistence layer, liquibase for database migrations, CircleCI for continuous integration, and much more.

Learn how reclaimer helps you to enhance the after-tax return of your portfolios

Main benefits

Your advantages of using reclaimer®

Increased after-tax return

Withholding taxes on dividends and interest income reduces return on investment; reclaiming them, where possible, increases return significantly. Depending on yields and treaty rates, you could see an increased return on your portfolio of up to 60bpts per annum.

Reduced Workload

Reclaiming withholding taxes is a bureacratic and time-consuming process. reclaimer® automates the whole process to the extent possible. The entire reclaim logic is embedded and automatically generates all the required paperwork. This saves you valuable time and money. 

Reduced operational risk

It is easy to pick the wrong form, the wrong rate, forget about a due date or fill out the form incorrectly. Not anymore! reclaimer® knows the rules and applies them automatically.

Always keep the overview

We know from experience how difficult it is to keep up-to-date with all your reclaims. What is the status of a reclaim? What needs to be done next? When did I send the reclaim to the local tax authority? Which reclaims are ready to be submitted? This is no longer an issue with reclaimer®’s dashboards and other reporting functionalities.

Core Features

Check out some of the main features


Implementing and integrating reclaimer® with your existing infrastructure is straight-forward! 

Based on a detailed analysis of your existing reclaim potential, systems, operations, and processes: we will, with your input, define your specific needs and requirements and put together an implementation plan that meets your expectations in terms of scope and timing. 

Our team of experienced specialists will provide hands-on support during the implementation, configuration, and testing phases.

We are 100% committed to do whatever it takes to ensure that the implementation will be a success, and that you and your team will be able to use reclaimer® as quickly as possible. 

Becoming your trusted partner is our number one goal!

On-going support

We are passionate about going the extra mile and addressing any issues or question you may have during your production phase.

Once implemented our technical team will provide on-going support via helpdesk and with the support of an issue-tool. Where needed, on-site support is also available. 

New releases are provided on a regular basis, integrating client input; this means reclaimer® is constantly evolving and improving to meet your needs. 

And more ...

Our hands-on implementation and on-going support is key, but it doesn’t end there!

We put the success of reclaimer® down to the fact that the software was built in close cooperation with our clients. We are keen to listen to take on board the new ideas and specific requirements of our clients where possible.

With our experienced team of analysts and developers, we will make sure reclaimer® remains the leading tax-reclaim software. To meet this target we follow an ambitious roadmap. 


What our clients say about reclaimer®

«Basler Kantonalbank and Bank Cler decided in 2016 to offer their customers a withholding tax reclaim service. With reclaimer®, we are in a position to implement the new service offering professionally and efficiently and to create real added value for our clients. The service is a great success and the demand for it is constantly increasing. The cooperation with the reclaimer team of Confinale works very well and we feel well looked after by Confinale.»

_ Christian Häfeli, Leiter Steuer- und Erbangelegenheiten, Basler Kantonalbank

«Data protection considerations were extremely important to us from the outset of the evaluation process and were a key factor in our decision to use the inhouse solution reclaimer for the withholding tax reclaim process, which is very much appreciated by our customers. We found a reliable partner in the reclaimer team at Confinale during the initial implementation project and are also very satisfied with their services in lifecycle management and support.»

_ Roger Stalder, Head of IT Finance Applications, VP Bank AG

«reclaimer® is an important component of our new, innovative Advanced Tax Service Portal. SIX attaches great importance to quality, performance, security and usability - all requirements that reclaimer® meets. Our cooperation with the reclaimer® team at Confinale is extremely cooperative. The team impresses in particular with its professionalism and reliability. New software requirements and maintenance work are delivered on time and transparently documented. In addition, competent contact persons are always available to answer technical or business questions. With reclaimer® we have found an ideal tool for our unique service.»

_ SIX Group Services AG


The world of reclaimer never stands still!

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