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Experts knowledge in withholding taxes

Zürich, Mar 2021

As a leading software provider, the necessary expert knowledge has to be on the same high level as the technical skills, in order to create optimal solutions for the customer. This is the basis of a high-quality solution and saves the customer considerable costs, because the right decisions will be made right from the start. Business know-how is not only learned through analyses or books, but especially through practical experience. We are proud to draw years of practical experience in the field of business analysis, customer projects and managed services. Furthermore, as a true fintech company, we are also experienced in many other topics (e.g.: Tax, Compliance, Legal reporting, Wealth Advisory, Lending and more) and therefore we are able to understand the surrounding aspects as well. Our expertise enables us to understand the clients issues and find the best solutions for them. 

The trick is to stay tuned and always be up-to-date! Therfore we have also combined business experts and technical solutions for this.

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Andreas Urban
Senior Sales & Business Developer

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