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Zürich, Feb 2021

In the context of withholding taxes, digitalisation is becoming more and more important and foreign tax authorities are increasingly switching to electronic filing. Each tax authority chooses an individual solution, that users must comply with (online forms, direct data deliveries with a defined data set, additional physical dispatch, upload options for documents and much more). Of course, the use of these processes is often an improvement. However, the different variants are a great challenge for their implementation.

The rɘclaimer® supports the complete digital application in the respective characteristics, in the relevant markets and integrates itself optimally into the existing processes.

With our implementation, you have no media breaks, do not need secondary applications and can use these processes seamlessly from one application. The rɘclaimer® was one of the first software solutions on the market which fully integrated digital applications and is also one of the first solutions implemented the FTA-M2M for the Form85 for Switzerland. During the implementation and the ongoing support, we are in constant contact with the foreign tax authorities.

Currently supported countries: CH, AT, DK and ES (more are already on the roadmap)

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